Keep It 100 – 100ml ($30 MSRP)

Birthday Shake – Vanilla ice cream cake with fluffy marshmallow icing and sprinkles.

Blue Slushie – Blue raspberry drink with strawberry.

Blue Slushie Iced  – Blue raspberry, strawberry and menthol.

Blue Slushie Lemonade – Blue raspberry with lemon.

Blue Slushie Tropical – Strawberries, blue raspberry, and tropical fruits.

Killberry Killa  – Tropical tart of strawberries and kiwi.

Krunchy Squares  – French toast cereal with cinnamon.

Mallow Man – Sugar cookies with marshmallow.

Nilla Almond Milk – Vanilla almond milk.

Peachy Punch  – Summery drink of peaches, apples, and mangoes.

Pink Burst  – Pink strawberry candy.

Strawberry Milk  – Creamy strawberry milkshake.

Tropical Blast – Guava, passionfruit and lychee.

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